Our association with the lab centers focuses on the trusted service and results accuracy.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the brand Ask4Test?

Ask4Test is the brand name of Wellness Redefined Services Pvt Ltd. Our

What is the core focus of Ask4Test?

Our service focus is the comfort and convenience of our patients undergoing blood tests. We make sure we are available at your doorstep at the time of your need of blood tests. Visit ask4test.com/about-us to learn more.

Is Ask4Test a blood testing lab or diagnostic centre?

No it is not into any testing, it is an aggregator and empanelled with many national and local diagnostic centres of India. We are very much particular about the partners to be empanelled with us and take every effort to have the best of the services for you.

Why should we book blood test through Ask4Test?

With Ask4Test, we give you the opportunity to get the blood tests done from a list of certified partners. You will get different rates from different labs, you can compare the rates and take the advantages of low cost. Ask4Test also do not change extra money for home sample collection, it gives report on time online/offline. Visit ask4test.com/about-us to learn more.

Are all the sample collection staffs/phlebotomists are verified.

Yes, all our employees of Ask4Test are thoroughly verified from an outside agency. We are extremely particular about your health and safety. Visit ask4test.com/about-us to learn more.

Ask4Test is operational in which all cities?

Now at present Ask4Test is operational in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. We plan to be operational around major areas of Odisha in the coming times and later extend to PAN India.

I am staying out of Bhubaneswar/Cuttack how we can take the services of Ask4Test?

Presently we give service outside Bhubaneswar/Cuttack only if there is bulk quantity of tests.

Are you into COVID-19 test as well?

Yes we do all type of blood test through our empanelled diagnostic labs as per clients request including COVID-19, RTPCR/ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY.

Do you provide Franchise of your brand Ask4Test?

Yes we are in the process of documentation and consulting, By January 2021, it will be ready and end of January 2021, we are planning to open around 100 centres throughout Odisha.

To whom you prefer to give Franchisee?

Normally we will prefer the below persons for Franchisee

  • Any existing health clinic.
  • Medicine Stores
  • Experience phlebotomist
  • Retired doctors
  • Nurses
  • Lab technician
  • Any graduates those who want to do business in Health Care Sector.
  • What Ask4Test will provide to a Franchisee?

    Ask4Test is the logistic partner to all the Franchisee and will provide marketing assistance and support to each Franchisee in their respective locations.

    Other than Blood Sample Collection, Do Ask4Test has any other business relating to Health Care.

    Yes off course, our next venture is Ask4Doc which is into tele-medicine. Anyone from anyplace can get doctor’s consulting through video/ whatsapp calling. Again it will route through Franchisee only.

    As a Franchisee Partner, do we need to do any marketing expenditure?

    Not required Ask4Test will do centralised advertisement to enhance the brand value. If all Franchisee wants to do any promotional activities from its own expenses/cost, then prior approval of Head Office or Founder is required.

    Why someone will opt for Ask4Test?

    Under one roof, one can get all the health care related brand and different business also and there is no marketing headache also. All support along with digital marketing and branding will be done by Franchisor.

    What will be the revenue sharing model of Ask4Test Franchise brand?

    Revenue is sharing between Franchisee and Franchisor varies from 7% to 25% depending upon the portfolio assigned or agreed by Franchisee.

    How the billing cycle will be done?

    All will operate through Software.

    Is there any charges for software?

    For 1st Year, there will be no software charges, from next year onwards, it will be charged, but very nominal amount.

    How to contact for Franchise brand?

    You can WhatsApp the proposal with location to +91-9040 880 888.

    How to be a member of Diabetes Club?

    At Ask4test we are taking this initiative to make sure that you do not feel alone but have the right support whenever you need. This club aims at providing the right information, awareness and education to the people with or without diabetes.
    We welcome all the people across every age group who are suffering from Diabetes in General, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes to share your experience and help others to be benefitted. Visit ask4test.com/diabetic-club to know more.

    How can we avail the benefit of Blood Bank through Ask4Test?

    At Ask4test we are committed to supporting you at every level of your Medical requirement. It is our continuous endeavour to provide your assistance and convenience at the time of emergency. With a complete list of updated donor details across various locations, your blood requirement will be now easy & hassle free. Visit: ask4test.com/blood-donors to learn more.