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Our mission at Diabetes Club is to spread awareness, empower people with diabetes and help them improve their quality of life.


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We understand how it feels living with Diabetes. We are constantly between the thoughts of Dos and Don'ts, what to eat and what not to. At Ask4test we are taking this initiative to make sure that you do not feel alone but have the right support whenever you need. This club aims at providing the right information, awareness and education to the people with or without diabetes. We welcome all the people across every age group who are suffering from Diabetes in General, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes to share your experience and help others to be benefitted.

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With a list of Doctors and Associates working towards this objective, we will make sure you connect with them & reach out for any information or support.

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Preventive Care

Should you wish to know more information around Diabetes Care. Check our Blog.

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At Ask4test we have special and Exclusive packages for Diabetes care and control. These packages are designed in a way to make sure all the areas related to your sugar level, cholesterol, etc. are looked at in them most timely manner. As a privileged member of our Diabetes Club, you will enjoy all the priority assistance, benefits and special offers. So, make the most use of this club and enjoy as benefits as you can. Share your story of Diabetes and how you are living with Happiness and Love, w will feature it here!


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